O.S.A.T Ltd aims to deliver high-quality training and assessments


Our vision is to produce and maintain the highest levels of professionalism and honesty.


O.S.A.T. is perfect for tradespeople who have no proof of qualification and limited time off the site.


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Health and safety in a construction environment


O.S.A.T Ltd

O.S.A.T Ltd was established in 2012 and worked with various colleges and training centres to deliver on-site assessment training to apprentices and experienced workers covering all the principal trades (Carpentry L2/L3, Brickwork L2/L3, Plastering L2/L3, P&D L2 and Dry lining L2 and Maintenance operations L2 plus Occupational Works Supervisor L3 )

In 2018 O.S.A.T Ltd was involved in developing and setting up of some of the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standards which formed the basis of it’s expansion into Traineeships and career development courses.

Since 2019 OSAT Ltd has expanded provision to work with young people delivering career development courses, Traineeships and Apprenticeships. Courses delivered include, H&S ,Warehouse management , Internal Quality Assurance and Diploma in Education and Training.

2020 Saw the introduction of distance learning developing and delivering virtual training to ensure consistency of the training delivery and assessment process throughout the pandemic.

Delivering excellence and a high-quality service for our lead funders and those with whom we interface

Managing risks to delivery by effectively monitoring and managing, recorded on an
actions database with progress towards completion

Achieving year on year improvements to minimum performance levels, on behalf of
ourselves and lead funders where applicable

Development of annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) monitored quarterly, owned by the central apprenticeship team

Our Accreditations

Our 2021 portfolio includes

To monitor and manage the effectiveness of provision in meeting the needs, priorities and maximise outcomes for learners and employers, O.S.A.T Limited, will annually issue a structured timetable for self-assessment, self-regulation, and observation activity with staff CPD.

Who We Are

Employability traineeships and career development courses

Warehouse management

Functional skills Maths, English and ICT

Business administration

NVQ L2 On Site Assessment for most construction trades.

Digital vocational courses

Teaching assistants and diploma in education and training

CAVA L3 and L4
Successful placements
New admissions

After an initial on-site assessment by a registered professional, an assessment plan will be agreed with you and a dedicated assessor will work with you to build up a portfolio of evidence to prove you are competent in your trade. This route will normally take between three to six months with full level 2 certification on completion which in turn allows you to apply for a TRADE CSCS card.(After completing the CITB H&S test) The qualification lasts for life.

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Mission Statement

O.S.A.T Ltd aims to deliver high-quality training and assessments to both experienced construction personnel and trainees via on-site assessment training and work-based learning programmes.

Our vision is to produce and maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness following a path of excellence in delivery and results.


Hi guys,

I really enjoyed the course, was really valuable in preparing me for the next steps of my journey! You delivered it in such a great way - I thought it was gonna be a bit nerve wracking presenting, but you guys made it so much more relaxed for me.

Mali Gunter

Hi Courtney and Ian,
Thank you very much for all of your work and support over these last few days, the course has been very interesting and insightful. I wanted to take the time to give feedback as I’ve enjoyed the course.

Harry Poynton

Ian was my assessor throughout the NVQ part of my apprenticeship. He was always approachable and knowledgeable making the learning experience pleasurable and efficient.

Dan Pires

I’d just like to say that I really enjoyed the course and meeting yourself and Courtney last week.
The course itself was enlightening and well put together.

George FaircloughBA

Caroline has continuously pushed me to achieve my best and guided me through my course without any major hiccups. Ian is a very professional individual and has never let me down on a meeting or site visit during my course.

Charlie Buttle

O.S.A.T.’s well-structured and embedded processes allow for dedicated time to be provided to identify the needs, interests and goals of individual learners associated with the construction industry to ensure they are provided with appropriate IAG to enable them to progress to, and realise their aspirations within this.

MatrixCompany structure

O.S.A.T. have not been complacent in their success, however, and have regularly monitored and evaluated their overall provision, and within this, the IAG provided.
Over a sustained period of years, O.S.A.T have worked successfully towards the achievement of a range of measurable targets and outcomes across contracts and programmes of support.


Ian or Paul were always available by txt or call to help and advise me until I completed my apprenticeship.

Jack JamesL3 Carpentry

Ian the tutor was always helpful, answered all my questions and always had time to sit with me and go through what is needed to be done. Could not recommend O.S.A.T Ltd enough.

Luke Buckton-TaylorL3 CCO

Would gladly recommend O.S.A.T Ltd as a quality training organisation.

Tom MacGregor

Ian is a great trainer and I would recommend O.S.A.T Ltd as a training company.

Harry McGillivaryL2 Carpentry apprenticeship

Ian turned what was a bad experience into a success and helped me achieve my L3 qualification. He was always available to advise me. thankyou

Olivia N

Hi Mark,
Not long just finished the exam, just wanted to thank you again for everything and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if I don’t hear from you before then.

Sonny BThanks